Grundtvig Single Parents Summary

Children of near-illiterate families or single parents have low or no chances for education and as a result no perspective for their personal and professional life. Researches in the European Union face coherence between near-illiteracy and (children) poverty. And: Near-illiteracy produces again near-illiteracy and poverty - for whole the life. Near-illiterate persons normally marry partners with same problems. The disadvantages mutually intensify each other. This is the reason of the "social heredity" of near-illitercy.

Researches show that these near-illiterate families need complementary care and education structures to leave this vicious circle. The different countries face different difficulties and experiences with low-educated near-illiterate families and their children. The different countries face different track records and best practise examples. The objective of the learning partnership was to give the target group a forum to express their needs, wishes and their solutions. At the very end the target group and person concerned to near-illiteracy and low education and their children presentet with the help of well experienced staff a resolution, a list of actions to be done for an Europe with equal chances for everyone.

Here are some results to download:

  1. The first evaluation about the situation of the target group "single parents", an interesting study with deep insight view to the common and different situations and their regional/national aspects (download)
  2. A resolution of the target group and - on the other hand - a policy paper for the European Commission, policy decision makers and experts (download)
  3. Statistics and impressions (download)
  4. Final Evaluation and Monitoring Report to the Natinal Agencies (download)

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